Meet The Blogger – 10 Facts About Me!

Here I am, after a relatively short hiatus with a boring blog post about myself! Woo!

I’ve been massively struggling lately with my mental health, so took a break and haven’t been on bookstagram or written any blog posts in a few weeks. I’m aiming to get back on track with things ASAP and I’m hoping this is a start! 
1. I own two pugs! Yep, I’m a crazy pub lady and those of you that have seen my Instagram stories will know this is 1000% true! Milo and Percy are my world!

2. I joined Bookstagram in July 2018. Much newer to the book community than most, but I’m having a fab time so far and am glad I made the leap! I’ve met some wonderful people through bookish Twitter and Bookstagram and it’s amazing!

3. I rarely read eBooks. This is something I plan to change in 2019. I struggled massively to read on my phone but I got a Kindle Fire 10 for Christmas and plan to make great use of it! I’ve even started requesting NetGalley ARC’s!

4. Alongside books, I’m hugely into video games! Video games are a fab thing to exert any extra energy from the day and work out any frustration. Books are to relax and gaming is to do something a little more challenging! I mainly play on my Nintendo Switch and Charlie’s PS4 (I’m absolutely loving the PSVR at the moment) but I used to be a massive PC gamer too, however I had to get rid of my PC due to space constraints. 

5. My favourite book of all time is The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime. I will never tire of talking about this book and how much I love it! I have read it a thousand and one times and will always reach for it agajn. The book makes me laugh, cry and wonder what’s happening even though I know! It never loses its effect and I will write a blog post on this book soon, I promise! 

6. I’m a sucker for a ‘rare’ book. Yep, if I see the word rare on a book listing, you can get I’ll buy it, even if I’m not overly keen on reading it any time soon. It’s an awful habit I need to get out of! 

7. I am the laziest, most unorganized person you’ll ever meet! Yet another thing I plan on changing throughout 2019. Charlie bought me a wonderful planner from Kikki.K and I’ve started to use it! I also bought myself a notepad to write daily to-do lists on to motivate myself to actually get things done! I’m a massive procrastinator and really out off doing things that need to be done.

8. My favourite book genres are YA, Adult Romance and NA. Pretty self explanatory really!

9. I love, love, love cooking and baking! I try to cook or bake something from scratch at least once a day. It’s super relaxing and tasty! I’m starting a new diet in 2019, so I’ll have to make sure everything I make fits with the diet plan!

10. I used to play Arcade Dance Games semi professionally! Fun fact! I used to spend 8-10 hours a day training a c so a few contests! I’m not in that community anymore as it was very toxic, but I still jump on the dance games whenever I see them, and it’s helped me become quite good at other rhythm games too!

So there we have it, 10 boring facts about me! I’ll be posting a couple of reviews this week (hopefully!) and trying to set up a schedule for lists that doesn’t leave me feeling too pressured or overwhelmed. Thanks for reading! 

Steph xx

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