A Brief Introduction – The Bookish Rose

Wow. I never thought I’d actually start a blog – I always just assumed I’d be ‘that person’ that awkwardly reads other peoples blogs constantly without the guts to ever comment or write anything of my own. I suppose my first real post should be an introduction of myself and what this blog is about to allow you all to decide whether or not you’d like to follow.
I’m Stephanie, your somewhat average nineteen year old. I live in the UK and have been passionate about books since I was a very small child – my mum would read to be and I read every book in our local library (in the teen fiction section) by the age of thirteen. It was around that time that my mental health began to deteriorate too, and my life has revolved around those two things ever since.
I am not only writing this blog to fangirl over books, but to raise awareness of mental health and how it affects me. I feel as though it isn’t something that’s talked about ‘normally’, and this is something that I hope to change, even just on my own little platform. My posts here will vary – book reviews, author interviews, mental health diaries, etc. All of my posts will finish off with a quote that represents my mood or feelings from that day, which I hope gives you a little bit of a personal insight to my life!
My aim is to post at least twice weekly, starting Dec 1st with a very special set of interviews with some wonderful authors! I hope you’ll join me in this journey and subscribe.
Steph x

“Don’t feel bad for one moment about doing what brings you joy.” — Sarah J. Maas


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